How to Hack a Hacker

Okay, I know I am not the first person to be hacked on Instagram. This happens every day to millions of innocent people, but it shouldn’t be happening. My blog, that I started about a year ago, is gone because someone chose to hack into it and change all of the information. This is one of the saddest things to me.

Like any other blogger, this was a way to channel my passions and share it with the world. It was a way to track my growth and express myself through the things that I love. Though I am insanely hurt by this, I know everything happens for a reason and this is just a chance for me to create a new platform that is bigger and better.

You might ask, “How can you hack a hacker?” Well, truth is you can’t actually hack your account back, but you can hack them in your own way. I am a firm believer in killing people with kindness. So, there’s the hack. Smile and move forward like nothing went wrong. Challenges like these are put in our paths to make us stronger and teach us valuable lessons. From this experience I have learned three very important lesson.

1. You can never be too secure on your social media sites.

There isn’t really a way to completely make sure that your profile will never experience getting hacked. I took all the precautions and it still happened to me! Some tips to keep your profile secure are to keep it on private and never share your location. This is specifically hard when blogging because the point is to reach as many people as possible. To do that, your profile has to be on public and tagging locations is vital to your blog getting noticed. Just be cautious of suspicious followers and links.


*Always remember* – Anything you put on social media, stays forever. You should be okay with anyone seeing your posts because they represent you as a person.


2. The relationships you make in life are WAY more important than anything else.

When I first started my blog, I got so much support from friends, family and my college community. It was the best part about launching my blog. Now, when my blog was hacked, I received even more support from people. Since this blog means so much to me, people knew I was hurt and they did not hesitate to reach out with things to encourage me to not give up. This meant the world to me and I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting me throughout everything!


3. It is how you react to the situation that shows who you truly are.

This is true for any situation. You can choose to be sad and feel sorry for yourself or you can rise up and beat the challenge. I choose the second option – ALWAYS. Losses, whether large or small, can seem like the end of the world. We need to remember that it usually is not. Make your own sunshine and create your own happiness. KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS!


Now, some people may think I am crazy for being so optimistic and determined to become something. Well, I say to you – Thank you. Your doubts and judgments only fuel me to become a better me.


Stay tuned for the new & improved Heels & Meals.


That’s all for now folks.


Stay kind,


Alexa Besescheck




One thought on “How to Hack a Hacker

  1. That’s my girl Lex. I am so proud of you. You have a great perspective of life, and you will go far. Stay strong my precious; I love you.


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